" I downloaded your book, read it, played a match against a friend who had creamed me the day before....and I beat him 6-1,6-0. Your book made all the difference. Kudos .....great book!"

Jane Wadsworth USPTA, PTR Certified Teaching Pro

Looking For The Fastest Way To Improve Your Tennis? You don't have to improve your strokes, it costs less than a lesson, and the results are Guaranteed.

The one book that I recently bought, read, and was absolutely blown away in its brutal honesty, is Dr. Glenn Sheiner's downloadable eBook "Insider Tennis Strategies".  " A must read for anyone who wants to play competitive singles."

Brent Abel  -former Head Tennis Pro -- California Tennis Club                          


Dr. Glenn Sheiner ( AKA The TennisDoc)
Friday, 3:52 pm

Dear friend,

If you're serious about improving your tennis game without spending megabucks on tesson lessons then I'll think you'll find the following info very interesting: 

Hi Glenn


I have been playing competitive tennis in Ireland for sometime now and recently
changed clubs (2003).  I am a very good doubles player and understand the challenges the game brings.  However, my singles leaves a lot to be desired.

 I have won many events both in the club and intra-club at doubles, but never managed to get past the first round of any singles event.  Again in my Over 35 Club Championships, I lost in the first round.

However I then purchased your book INSIDER TENNIS STRATEGIES and started to read the first few chapters.  Thankfully the club runs a Plate event (first match losers) and I decided I would give your ideas a try - well I won the event including beating a fellow member who has beaten me regularly 6/4 6/1 in the final.  I had decided a strategy and adjusted it as required.

I can't wait to finish the book - there will be no
stopping me.

Many thanks,

CiarĂ¡n Johnson

 Hi, my name is Dr. Glenn Sheiner and I've been involved with tennis for over 32 years - plain and simple it's one of the loves of my life.  And because I love winning, trophies, and beating my buddies, I've studied and read everything on this great game. Hey, I even once ordered 50 year old tennis books by Pancho Gonzalez, Don Budge, and Jack Kramer just to see if I could discover even one winning tennis tip, tactic, or strategy that would help me learn how to improve at tennis and win even more.


I hope I won't make your head too big.

Though I have read Nick Bolletieri's tennis handbook cover to cover, tried to study Brad Gilbert's Winning Ugly, and subscribed to tennis magazines for about 3 years  your Ebook "INSIDER TENNIS STRATEGIES" is one of the most exciting things that has come my way in terms of tennis.

As a club player, I used to be constantly frustrated by losing to players I felt I should beat. After reading INSIDER TENNIS STRATEGIES, I now like to think of myself as one of the guys who others aim to beat. The book is jampacked with practical information on how to win at tennis that you can't get just by taking a few lessons or reading any other book. Get this Ebook and incorporate its strategies to become a winner. It's well worth the investment." 

Ben Lau




                                            tennis tips and game strategies


   Before I started studying tennis like my life depended on  it, I would  get so frustrated when I would lose to someone I felt I should beat.  Somehow certain opponents would always beat me. And I knew it was because they were outsmarting me with better tennis tactics and strategies.


So, instead of being able to confidently stride around the local tennis club and take pride in my victories, I did the right thing and told everybody that my opponent had just played too well for me. But I knew I could do so much better.

So, being a very competitive type, I decided to learn everything there was to know about winning tennis. Now, I didn't play tennis as a kid so I didn't have years and years of grooving perfect tennis strokes. I realized that the only path for me  -- the path to tennis enlightenment so to speak if I was going to ilearn how to play better tennis and improve in my tennis game -  was that I was going to have become the smartest, most tactical tennis player around. I needed the knowledge of a world class tennis coach.

So, I attacked the problem using the same techniques that I used to become an emergency physician ( in real life I'm a doctor by the way). I read every tennis book I could get my hands on, watched professional tennis on TV and in person, took lessons, went to tennis camps, read every tennis tip written by the top tennis coaches, and tried every possible bit of tennis information, tennis strategy and tactic to improve my game, etc.


And then I would go on the court and play matches which, of course, is the ultimate test. And even though my strokes were getting better, I was still losing. After all, almost all conventional tennis instruction and information is based on technique and strokes.

      I had to understand why I was still losing.

So, I kept on studying and thinking and trying new things. And, after years and years, I started to see the light. I gradually began to understand what I call the secret game of tennis.

I started to apply my new tennis strategies. I began to win matches against people I never thought I would beat in my lifetime. What an unbelievable feeling!

Hello Glenn,

I love your Ebook INSIDER TENNIS STRATEGIES. I read it once a month at least. I have probably read it 6 times. I am a 4.0 club player and consider these strategies my blueprint.


Rich Adams,


Over the years I've become known as the guy who beats you on the court and then, if you're interested, gives you a helpful winning tennis tip as to what patterns I used to win. Don't worry, I do this in a nice way. Even people who have been playing tennis all their lives are constantly thanking me because they know I've just given them a super valuable insight.

I hate to admit it but some people now call me THE TENNIS DOCTOR. But that's OK because I really like helping people improve their tennis.

I've poured all of this knowledge about winning tennis into my new book called INSIDER TENNIS STRATEGIES.

I'm a former tournament tennis player who has been on the international tennis circuit and have been teaching tennis for over 30 years. I recently read Dr. Glenn Sheiner's Ebook INSIDER TENNIS STRATEGIES and am quite impressed by the insights into the club level player. I now recommend this Ebook to my students as a supplement to their lessons. INSIDER TENNIS STRATEGIES has been able to cut the learning process in half for many of my students and put them on a faster road to success.

Robert Bregman Ph.D.

Member USPTA

National Coach for Tennis Canada

                        Tennis tactics Ebook cover

It breaks my heart that too many players think that the only key in figuring out how to improve their tennis game is to keep working on their strokes and learning how to hit the ball harder and harder. I see these players year after year at the club and they never improve. They might spend fortunes in lessons with tennis coaches and new equipment and yet THEY IGNORE THE TACTICAL SIDE OF THE GAME. THIS IS THE BIGGEST MISTAKE YOU CAN POSSIBLY MAKE.

Do you think it's any coincidence that Andy Roddick won his only US OPEN a few years ago just months after hiring the famous tennis coach Brad Gilbert?  And what do you think Gilbert helped him with? I can guarantee that it wasn't how to hit the serve harder.

Gilbert helped Roddick understand what patterns were to his advantage and what patterns were to his opponent's advantage. Once you understand how to analyze tennis patterns, then it becomes a matter of maximizing the winning patterns and minimizing the losing ones.





After having read your Ebook  "INSIDER TENNIS STRATEGIES"  I'm playing a lot better. I believe the strategies that you talk about  have helped immeasurably.

I used to hit the shot that I was most comfortable with and now I hit the one I feel my opponent does not like to return.

My results against guys that I play often have been tremendous since I read the book.

With a little more time, I feel that I can eventually be competitve not only with the best in Canada in my age group, but be selected to represent our country in international competition.

I would recommend this Ebook to any tennis player, no matter what level they are playing at.

Mike S.



Want another example of how a player's career can zoom forward when he begins to understand INSIDER TENNIS STRATEGIES?  The famous Andre Agassi was once known as an underachiever if you can believe it.  Even though he hit the ball better than anybody on the tour, he had very few major wins. Then he learned when and how to use his power and when to just be content with moving his opponent out of position. All of a sudden he began to win a whole host of major championships.

Too many tennis players are just content to hit the ball without any purpose. But to improve in tennis you have to begin to learn that every shot has a purpose. There is a game within a game that is going on in every point. The strategic tennis player sees things others don't. The game becomes easier and you'll start beating people that you never thought you could beat.

There's a tennis revolution going on.

You see, if you can figure out the best place to hit the ball, it doesn't really matter how good you look getting it there.

I've poured all my lifelong knowledge into this 99 page book. It's got in-depth explanations of the theory of strategic patterns, the theory of sequential planning, the differences between pro tennis and club tennis, and 125 very specific tennis tactics and tips you can use immediately to start winning matches. Imagine having a chance to win even on those days when your strokes are off by outsmarting your opponent. It's like having a world class  tennis coach whispering in your ear as you play matches.

I want you to start to see tennis in a whole new light.  I want you to improve your tennis game and win more matches but just as importantly I want you to enjoy the game even more. Once you begin to understand INSIDER TENNIS STRATEGIES your enjoyment of tennis should zoom.

There's so much great material in here that I've never read in any book. Stuff that if someone had told me when I started, would have really helped me advance. That's what I want to do for you. I want to really show you how to improve your tennis and catapult your game from whatever level it's at to the next level.

 I read your Ebook and although it made sense, I was a little skeptical that it could help me make a difference on the court.  It proved to be very effective on the court and I am a little surprised how much of a difference it made.  My competitor beat me in four previous matches but this time I beat him soundly with 6-2, 6-2 results. 
I'll send you my money ASAP.
Thank you
Chris Budra


In this detailed Ebook you'll learn powerful secret tennis strategies to outfox your opponent.


You'll learn these winning tennis tips and tactics:


  • Why it's vital that you have at least 3 game plans when you walk on the tennis court and how to create these plans.   If you don't have a plan A, B, and C when you walk on the court then you're basically flying blind.

  • How to understand strategic tennis matchups. This might be the most powerful tennis concept you'll ever hear about.

  • Why watching professional tennis might be the worst thing for your game unless you know exactly what to look for and what to ignore. The pros play a different game from the average player. Trying to copy them may make you worse not better.

  • Why you rarely see tennis pros chip and charge on the second serve anymore and how this can be a devastating strategy at the club level.  This is one of my favorite strategies. Learn how to completely intimidate your opponents on their serve.       

  • How to decide what serve to hit by analyzing your opponent's position.  Most people don't understand the hidden game going on between server and returner. Once you learn the secrets, you'll know what serves to hit and when to hit them.

  • Why smart players realize the serve is just the first shot in a 2 shot sequence. You'll learn some devastating patterns that the top pros use to almost guarantee that you win the point if you execute well.

  • How to hit many different serves with minimal change in technique.  You'll learn how to hit different serves, and even better, you'll learn how to detect if your opponent is reacting to what you are doing.

  • Why watching top baseball pitchers may improve your service game. There's a reason the top pitchers have 3 or 4 pitches. I'll explain why they do it and how this applies to your serve.

  • Why if you make this common tactical error on your serve you should be shot.  Seriously, this one mistake can spell the difference between easy victory and crushing defeat.

  • The all time classic serve and volley pattern. Master this and watch your trophy case fill up.

  • How to use this one tennis tactic to almost guarantee that your return of serve will improve. If you ignore this strategy, you're playing into your opponent's hand.

  • Learn this secret technique and become a feared returner.  Most players get ready to return serve and then wait. I'll teach you a devastating technique to use after the server has tossed the ball in the air, but before the serve is hit.

  • How to use this forgotten shot from the days of the old school masters to attack your opponent.  I'll teach what you can learn from studying the techniques of some of the all time greats tennis pros like Tilden, Budge, Gonzalez, and Kramer.

  • How to quickly figure out the perfect spot to stand to return against any opponent.  I'll teach you why standing in the same place against every opponent is a very foolish move.

  • Learn the 4 main options for passing shots and how to decide which one to use.  Panic usually takes over for most people when they see an opponent rush the net. Having a plan beforehand will allow you to relax and just execute.

  • Why top players think of the passing shot as a multiple shot sequence. I'll teach you what the real goal on the passing shot is. You'll win a lot more points this way.


  • Why breaking the 'rule' when approaching the net can win you a lot of matches.  There's a time and place when you should break this 'rule'. I'll teach you how to decide when to do it.

  • Why hitting softer may be better than hitting harder when attacking the net.  I know it's a bit counterintuitive in today's tennis world, but I'll show this killer strategy that allows you to get into optimal volley position.

  • Learn a special strategy to use against the really quick opponents.  After reading this you won't be hitting the same shots against both quick and slow opponents.

  • Why hitting the ball hard and low over the net may look impressive but may actually be a gift to your opponent, unless you know exactly when to use it.  Too many people think that the low, hard ball is a great shot while the truth is that it might be the easiest shot for your opponent to return.

  • Why running around your backhand might be your ticket to victory-if you know when to do it. I'll teach you the hidden game that greats like Andre Agassi and Jim Courier used to reach number 1 in the tennis world.

  • Learn this killer technique to know when your opponents are going to hit a weak shot -even before they begin to swing at the ball. I'll teach you how to seize on these weak shots to easily win a ton more points.

  • Why the goal of strategic tennis is to get into optimal court position and move your opponent into a bad position.  Discover the powerful secret that sent Andre Agassi to number 1 in the world.

  • Learn when to break another 'rule' and hit short rather than deep. Once you integrate this, you'll become a master at moving people around all over the tennis court.

  • How to experiment with motivational phrases and why you may need one for serving and a different one for returning serve.  This secret will teach you how to get into the optimal psychological zone when the pressure is on.

  • How to improve dramatically by learning how to practice properly.  Don't waste your time on the practice court. Practice the right things and watch your game evolve.


I studied and read every bit of tennis information for years but had to learn the hard way.  I've discovered and revealed strategies in my Ebook INSIDER TENNIS STRATEGIES that are guaranteed to make you a better player.


"I've been playing tennis for 42 years, as a ranked junior player in New England, high school and college tennis team captain, teaching professional and now, as a ranked veteran player.

Naturally, I've played a lot of tournaments and competitive matches, and read plenty of books on tennis. But I've never seen the "thinking" side of tennis explained as clearly and easily as in INSIDER TENNIS STRATEGIES. This is a perfect "blueprint" for figuring out how to beat players you've never beaten before.

I wish I had a copy years ago. I could have turned a bunch of painful losses into memorable wins."

Barnaby Kalan


Now, a lesson or tennis info from a tennis pro or tennis coach can cost you anywhere from $40-$60 depending on where you live. And, if the lesson isn't any good you don't get your money back. Tennis camps can cost up to a thousand dollars. But I so strongly believe that you'll improve by incorporating these killer strategies into your game that I'm willing to give you a 60 Day, 100%,  NO QUESTIONS ASKED, GUILT-FREE, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.    

I want you to go out right now and try these new tennis tactics and strategies. And since some of you may feel that it will take time to fully incorporate and try out these ideas, I've decided to extend the typical guarantee from 30 days to 60 days. THAT'S HOW CONFIDENT I AM THAT YOUR TENNIS GAME WILL IMPROVE AFTER YOU READ THIS EBOOK.     

When I think about how many hours and hours of lessons you would need to learn all these hidden tennis secrets and killer strategies, the cost would be in the thousands of dollars. But I want to help as many players as possible. Because the more people enjoy tennis, the more people will play. And this will allow our great game to grow and become even more popular.               

So I decided to charge an amount that I feel everybody could afford. After all, everybody restrings rackets, buys tennis balls and pays for court time. So, for a limited time only, I'm only charging  $27.99   $17.00 for these killer tennis strategies and insights that are guaranteed to take your tennis game to the next level.


Order today and receive immediately the following 2 exclusive bonuses that you won't find anywhere else online.




Written by a former tour pro. These key insights about playing on clay  can help you turn those tight losses into victories. ( Value $9.99)




A 'Ready To Go' 3 page, detailed scouting form that you can print out and take to the tennis club when you scout your opponents.

Just watch your opponent's match and check the appropriate answers. Mix in a little thought and the advice from INSIDER TENNIS STRATEGIES and you'll have a major league game plan of your own ready for the courts. ( Value $5.99)


INSIDER TENNIS STRATEGIES  is like having a secret pass into the world of high level professional tennis coaches. It's like having your own coach watch you play matches and give you advice.

It's truly one-of-a kind info you won't find in any bookstore or library.

And the best part is ......since it's an Ebook .........




order tennis singles strategy ebook now


" Hi Glenn,

First, I want to tell you that I downloaded your book a week+ ago...read it in a hour..played a tennis match against a friend who had creamed me the day before.., and I beat him 6-1,6-0.

Further I played a tournament at PTR ( I'm not kidding, check it out) where I was unseeded ... and beat the 1st  seed in the second round...got to the finals where I lost in a 3 hour+ match in the 3rd set tiebreak.

Your book made all the difference...it made me think better ....and ultimately win more! Soooo....kudos -  great book!!!

Now .... I want to be your sales partner and share your book with the people I teach tennis too.

Thanks Much,

Jane Wadsworth,

USPTA, PTR Certified Teaching Pro



60 day,100%, NO QUESTIONS ASKED,

Order the Ebook, and give it your own personal test run on the tennis court. Take a full 60 days and use it as your own. If your game isn't dramatically improving ... or if for any other reason you're not completely thrilled .... simply send me an email directly ... and I'll rush you a complete refund of every cent. No questions asked. No hassle. No delay.


order tennis tips book now

Wishing you all the best on the tennis court,


Glenn Sheiner M.D.
A fellow tennis lover

P.S.  You'll be amazed at how much your game will improve after reading my Ebook INSIDER TENNIS STRATEGIES. When you think about how much money you spend in a year on tennis (usually hundreds to thousands of dollars) $27.99   $17.00 is a very small price to pay to take your tennis game to the next level. And don't forget you have a iron-clad 60 day guarantee.

Plus you'll also immediately receive 2 exclusive free bonus gifts --

1) A Master's Guide To Playing Clay Court Tennis  written by a former tour professional.

2) A First Class, Pre-Made, Scouting Form that you can print out, take to the tennis club, and in a few minutes you'll have a professional analysis of your opponent's game and a game plan to maximize your chances of winning.

                                       Tennis lessons To Improve Your Tennis Game



   I recently purchased your e-book. I have read it and continue to study the concepts you've laid out therein. I feel the wealth of information in this book is intriguing and quite practical. It will take a while for me to be completely sensitive to the subtleties of the strategic game but this has been a real eye opener.

 I've read many books and although they too have a wealth of information, none has been as comprehensive and practical as this. Furthermore, I feel that these books do not directly address the strategic aspect of the game, instead focusing on the mental side (wide and narrow focus, anger management on court etc.).

 I'd like to thank you for the information in the book which, in the short time I've had it, has given me a greater understanding of the "chess match" that is tennis. As you state in the book, it has given me another level of enjoyment for the game. 

 I'd like to thank you again for your book.  

Robert Matias Jr.
Allstate Insurance 
Lebanon, PA 17042 


order tennis tips book now